“Those Two Guys… Ain’t Got Enough Years Yet” | Seven-Time NBA Champion Robert Horry Says Damian Lillard And Anthony Davis Don’t Belong On NBA75 List

When the NBA revealed its top 75 players of all time list, for the most part they got it right.

But, as with most subjective lists, there were a few question marks. Those things in question revolve around Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard and Los Angeles Lakers superstar Anthony Davis both being named to the list. 

The fact that they both made it is a bit of a head-scratcher for sure, but pore problematic is who was left off the list that neither should’ve been chosen ahead of.

Seven-time NBA champion Robert “Big Shot Bob” Horry is the latest to say he didn’t think either Dame Dolla or AD should’ve been chosen, and definitely not before some other players.

Big Shot Bob Says Not Enough Longevity 

During a recent episode of his “Big Shot Bob” podcast, Horry said while he respects both players, neither belong on the list. 

“I felt like him, and I love Damian Lillard; those two guys. Think about it, you know Tracy McGrady was left off that list. Vince Carter was left off that list. Dwight Howard, you know, these guys have pretty much the same careers as those guys, and you know, they’ve moved on to, you know, careers after basketball. These guys are still current, so why not honor these guys who put in the time before?”

While mentioning T-Mac and VC is cool, there is still no bigger omission than the aforementioned Howard, who despite his goofy ways at times, deserves to be on the list in place of Anthony Davis.

Howard is an eight-time All-NBA performer, who dominated on both ends of the floor for about 10 seasons. Five All-Defensive selections, three DPOY awards, leading the league in rebounding five times and twice in blocks should warrant a selection. Not to mention he took the Orlando Magic to the 2009 NBA Finals without another All-Star player on the roster. 

Horry Was The Consummate Pro

Some will say Horry’s seven NBA championships are a direct result of being in the right place at the right time. Horry was on some incredible teams with legendary players. Actually, Horry was a key member of the Rockets, Lakers and Spurs when he won those titles. He wasn’t the star by any means, but he could play to that level when needed and he definitely had a knack for making the clutch shot — especially in the playoffs.

Those playoff runs are where the former Alabama standout earned his nickname “Big Shot Bob.”

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