‘This Might Be One Of The Most Toxic Fan Bases In All Of Sports’| Spoiled Chiefs Fans Get Into Social Media Beef With Star Player Tyrann Mathieu

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has to play better, but he’s trying to score as much as he can because he knows his defense can’t stop anyone.

A defense with some big-name players like defensive tackle Chris Jones and defensive back Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu has been downright awful at every level.

Social Media Beef With Fans:

On Friday, some of the defensive players, including Mathieu and linebacker Anthony Hitchens, took to Instagram to debunk the notion that some of the players are overpaid via comments that were made about them.

A Chiefs fan asked other fans to rank moves made by GM Brett Veach over the past couple seasons.

A fan responded concerning Hitchens and his play, based on his five-year, $45M contract, with over $20 million guaranteed.

“Anthony Hitchens has played one good season of football in KC and has been in the middle for 2 of the worst defenses in NFL history. On Instagram talking like the fans shouldn’t have an opinion? The team is cooked because of LOSERS like him.”

Hitchens responded:

“All we did was go to three straight AFC Championship games, and 2 Super Bowls, and 1 SB win … in my first three seasons here so far! Y’all fans will never be satisfied, it’s sad!!

“These boys will never understand talk big on the internet but want pics and autographs in person haha … me my family and kids family “that don’t exist yet” are set for life!!! Y’all keep trolling put y’all phones down and go get some money, BTW y’all opinions don’t matter!!”

Mathieu then piggybacked Hitchens’ comments:

“Big facts. This might be one of the most toxic fan bases in all of sports.”

Mathieu wasn’t done.

“I don’t care how you feel,” Matthieu added. “You can’t beat me at anything life has to offer.”

“That’s your problem you listen to haters. Y’all people are trash,” he responded to a fan’s comment.

“As an athlete you go through period of slumps or not executing how you want. That’s part of sport … you know how any games we have won? How many times we have done more than good. Shut up,” he told another fan.

Mathieu Regrets Response To Fans:

On Saturday Mathieu apologized for lashing back at fans:

“In regards to the comment that went viral, obviously that was a mistake on my part. I haven’t had the season I’ve wanted to have, I think as a team we could say the same. Frustration tends to build up. People who really know me, teammates, people I deal with in the community, even fans I happen to come across as the gas station — I think all these people can see me being a genuine person. I shouldn’t have used those choices of words, I think I’m man enough to admit that and really own that.”

The fans probably didn’t deserve an apology the way they are acting like they are football clueless.

Spoiled Fanbase Panicking For No Reason 

For the past three seasons, the Kansas City Chiefs have been the best team in football.

They’ve won three AFC West titles, two AFC Conference titles and played in two Super Bowls, winning one.

Andy Reid’s gang was actually one offside penalty from representing the American Football Conference in three consecutive Super Sunday outings.

This season has been a real struggle for the Chiefs sitting at (3-4) and already with two home losses. The fan base isn’t too happy with the team’s play.

To KC’s credit, the losses have been to four good teams in the Bills, Ravens, Chargers and Titans (combined record of 18-8)

But again this is a spoiled fan base with Mahomes under center, as they haven’t experienced much adversity.

Defensive Struggles Hurting Entire Team:

Amidst the team’s early season struggles, Mahomes has thrown nine interceptions, and made some questionable decisions.

The offensive line isn’t very good, the running game is bad and statistically there isn’t a worse defense in the NFL.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid says the staff has warned players that social media responses to useless banter could easily go left.

Fans are fans, and will always have their opinions and express frustrations with the team no matter what.

This is a prime example of how things of this nature can go awry and in a hurry.

Players have to be smarter and not engage in back and forth with fans, as most times it’s just fans who look only for the win-loss result, and have very little understanding of the game itself.

Mathieu seems to have learned from it overnight:

“I’m just looking forward to playing better and doing better. And most importantly not being a distraction to my team.”

Sounds like someone who’s spoken to the head coach and also knows he’s in the final year of his contract.

Chiefs face the Giants on Monday Night Football.

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