“They’ve Been Using Black Men As Guinea Pigs”: Antonio Brown Caught On Camera Mooning And Tugging Himself In Dubai Pool

The saga of Antonio Brown was now strayed into the inappropriate international zone as the former NFL star wide receiver was caught horseplaying and more in a pool in Dubai. Brown was allegedly in Dubai on May 14 as a rapper to walk out Floyd Mayweather for his exhibition against Don Moore, which was switched to Abu Dhabi after the death of the UAE president, when he spent some time in his hotel pool.

The video shows Brown jumping up and down and breaking the water plane with his naked rear end close to the face of a woman in the swimming pool of the Armani Hotel Dubai. The video continues with the voices of onlooking men near the pool encouraging Brown by yelling, “Yeah!” “Another one!” “AB!”

Later, Brown and the woman playfully grab a clothing item before a short aquatic chase ensues, with Brown lifting the woman and tossing her into the water. Eventually, Brown lifts himself out of the water and begins to tug at himself for no apparent reason except for his “AB.”

The onlookers commented, “He’s waterboarding her!” while another sarcastically added, “He’s giving her the longboard!”


Another casual observer also commented, “Oh my God!”

The woman was later reportedly spotted inside the hotel “yelling and complaining to others about the incident,” per The New York Post. The publication added that two eyewitnesses reportedly said that Brown continued to flash himself after the recording stopped, asking the woman in the video, “you want it?”

The sources said the woman appeared visibly upset and was later spotted inside the hotel yelling and complaining to others about the incident. According to a hotel staffer who requested anonymity, Brown was asked to leave the hotel after that incident, and others like disregarding the dress customs of the United Arab Emirates dress-code customs being topless and allegedly smoking cannabis in his room.

However, once the video was made public, Brown rebuffed the narrative that he was potentially sexually harassing or inappropriately touching the woman in the pool.

“It’s crazy to me that even after I retire there is disinformation coming out about me,” Brown tweeted. “Ironically, during a time when the NFL is getting heat for allowing players to play when they’re clearly concussed. They’ve been using black men as guinea pigs.”

Brown kept going.

“Every chance they get to sway the heat off themselves they use me. In the video you can clearly see she runs off with my swim trunks,” he tweeted. “If roles were reversed the headlines would read ‘AB having a wild night with nude female’. Yet when it’s me it automatically becomes a hate crime.”

Regardless of Brown’s contention that the NFL is using Black men as guinea pigs, he should have known that any horseplay in the pool with a white woman would be characterized as Brown being aggressive. Since there is no lead-up video or statement from the woman, just the smiles from the pool and commentary from the sidelines, one could assume the interaction was consensual. Still, Brown has a target on his back more than the one dedicated to every Black man, and everything will be remixed into a negative mark on his intention.

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