“They’d Be Better With Jimmy G At Quarterback” | NFL Analyst Brady Quinn Isn’t A Fan Of Media’s Love For Jets QB Zach Wilson

The New York Jets have been one of the worst-run franchises in the NFL over the last 10 to 12 years.

Losing seasons, bad draft picks, below average coaches, the Jets should stand for “Just End The Season,” for the downright awful product they send out on the field week after week

That was supposed to change with the drafting of former BYU quarterback Zach Wilson last season, but that plan thus far hasn’t borne any fruit. If anything, it’s beginning to look like another bad pick. But through it all the media has taken it easy on the former BYU Cougars star.

That long leash has drawn the ire of former NFL quarterback Brady Quinn, who’s tired of Wilson getting a pass for bad play. This week on Quinn’s nationally syndicated radio show “Two Pros and a Cup of Joe” on Fox Sports Radio, he eviscerated the second-year signal-caller.

“Can we acknowledge, once again, the media just continually tries to make it something? They want so badly for this to work out, and it’s kind of tough, honestly, to listen to. I’ve not seen a quarterback get more love for doing less from the media than Zach Wilson in a long time.”

Quinn’s points have some validity, but he must also realize Wilson is going into his second season. And he knows that if he continues to struggle the media and fans in and around the New York market will change their tune.

Wilson Has Reportedly Struggled All Camp

At BYU, Wilson played in a one-read system, and if that wasn’t there Wilson just resorted to playing off-schedule. And while that style was highly successful in college, that’s not the case in the NFL. Defenses are too fast and well-prepared for that to work continuously. Wilson has a propensity to stare down receivers as a result of his limited one-read scheme in college. That got him into a lot of trouble as a rookie. He threw 11 interceptions and just nine touchdowns. His 55 percent completion percentage was last in the league for starting quarterbacks.

Reports out of camp have been not much has changed as it pertains to the staring down of receivers. During last week’s preseason opener against the Eagles, Wilson stared down his receiver and threw a pretty bad interception, and Quinn was quick to point that out:

“The interception he threw in that game, it looked like day one, game one, year one. He stared down a target, and it was Eagles linebacker Kyzir White ended up picking it off, and I’m going, that is as easy as it gets.”

Most probably forgot about the bad throw, as a few plays later Wilson tore his meniscus on a scramble where he should’ve either slid or went out of bounds. He had successful surgery and is expected back in two to four weeks. Wilson’s injury began the chant to trade for Niners quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, and Quinn is leading the chant.

Jimmy Garoppolo To The Jets? Probably Not

The Niners are desperate to trade “Jimmy G,” who’s proved if given a solid running game and tough defense he’s a winner under center. But the Jets don’t sound like they’re going to trade for him and Quinn says their investment in Wilson won’t allow them to.

“They’d be better with Jimmy G at quarterback, but they’re not gonna make that move because they’ve invested so much in Zach Wilson so far.”

As much as Quinn seems to want Wilson to either put up or shut up, the kid is in his second season. The belief around the league is he’ll get at least this season and next to show he can be the franchise quarterback.

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