‘They Wrote Me Off, I Ain’t Write Back Though’| Seahawks QB Geno Smith Spoils Russell Wilson’s Homecoming

DMX has a classic song, “What’s My Name,” which is an anthem that lets people know to “put some respeck” on your greatness. Well, if anyone embodied that energy, it was Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith who spoiled Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson’s homecoming during Monday Night Football, Sept. 12, from Lumen Field in Seattle.

The Seahawks won the game by a close score of 17-16. However, the game was interesting for the underlying storylines; it was Russell Wilson’s first time playing against his former team. Wilson had a 10-year history with the Seahawks before being traded to the Broncos during the offseason.

Smith has been Wilson’s backup for the last two seasons. However, if validation was a moment, then Geno Smith tasted it on Monday night.

“When people say what I’ve been through, I think that’s a stretch,” Smith said post game. “Man, I’m in the NFL for 10 years. To say what I’ve been through is kind of funny and then to say people wrote me off, I’ve just been working. That’s what it means that I never wrote back. I don’t listen to stuff like that, I just work. God’s blessed me with a talent and a passion and a drive. People can write you off but life is about what you make it.”

In 2015, Smith was on the wrong end of a sucker punch as a New York Jets quarterback when teammate IK Enemkpali left Smith with a broken jaw over a $600 plane ticket. Fast forward three teams later, and Smith tanked Wilson’s highly touted return to Washington State in the orange and blue of the Broncos.

“How about Geno? He was 17/18 in the first half,” said Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. “I mean, who does that? Guys just don’t do that. But remember, he did it against Jacksonville. He had 12, 13 in a row, or something like that. Geno played tonight like the whole time we’ve been practicing. That’s what he’s been looking like. He didn’t look any different than what he’s looked like in practice. That’s why we had the belief in him and that’s why he was able to win the job and go out there on Monday Night Football and win the football game.”

He added, “I’m saying this and I don’t care if anyone believes it. He’s the best he’s ever been. Right now. Because of the four years of being in the system and being loved up and taken care of and looked after. He did his part in reverse to always be there for us. He’s ready. He is ready for this moment. He was so poised and so calm in this game. It was fun playing with him. It’s really a beautiful illustration. It’s a great story.”

The game was full of storylines, and David defeated Goliath leanings. However, the missing part was animosity between the two gunslingers; the world would be hard-pressed to find it. The two showed each other love during the pregame.

“Just a lot of love man,” Smith said. “I got a lot of love and respect for Russell. Being here with him for three years, I learned a lot. Got to know him really well. Got to understand why he is the man that he is, the way that he is, and what makes him special. Russell will always be my brother. I love him to death and I just wish him the best.”

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