The Weekend In Tweets 4.1.13

The Final Four is set after a very disappointing Elite 8 weekend. Give props to Wichita State for upsetting Ohio State and making it to Atlanta as an 11 seed. Michigan looked dominant and Louisville was downright spectacular in the most stressful circumstances possible. We send prayers to Kevin Ware and his family after that terrible injury. It’s yet another reminder that no matter we enjoy sports that it’s all just a game. 

You won that bet.

He’s a bad man.

Really, bruh, that’s what you want to do?

Cool story, bro.

It’s true. Damn true.

He’ll be further down the bench than you are.

It’s hard to deny them.

It’s awful for college basketball.

Great fight.

When you put it like that.

That’s just you.

How do you really feel, Mike?

Turn out the lights.

Have an arena full of seats, Danny.

You’re right but you sound bitter, bro.

Guess you didn’t like it either.

If anybody can relate it’s you.

Tragic moment.

It gets real out there.

They did call 24 fouls on Louisville and only 14 on Baylor, though.

Stand up for your school.

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