The Weekend In Tweets 3.25.13

I don’t know how Twitter survived the weekend without crashing. Florida Gulf Coast had a weekend-long infomercial on national TV, becoming the first 15-seed in history to make the Sweet 16. Gonzaga set back mid-majors with a tough loss, and brackets all over the world are done, with teams like LaSalle making the round of 16. The Heat are still streaking, winning their 26th straight on Sunday. There was so much going on you couldn’t watch it all, but thanks to Twitter you were able to stay informed.

He never tones it down, ever.

That has to be painful.

Love how things change so quickly.

While you’re in your early season slump, hopefully, he’ll do the heavy lifting.

His voice was awful all weekend.

Karma is a bad trip.

I love boxing trash-talk.

I think he beat you this round.

They really brought some joy to the weekend.

I can accept that as a good reason.

Who knew?

They didn’t play like an underdog.

They are the Bison and they’re pretty good.

I’m not sure what they were thinking.

With custom Jordans on.

And somebody will pay to see it.

He’s a legit star.

It was exciting to watch.

They did indeed have it.

It happens every day and twice on Sunday.

That is pure comedy.

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