“The Ultimate Plan Is To Find The Next Mayweather” | Floyd Mayweather Plans To Open Boxing Academy In Nigeria

Floyd Mayweather is gearing up this weekend for yet another boxing exhibition in Dubai; however, he made a pit stop in Nigeria to start the week.

The most successful boxer-businessman of all time reportedly met with Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the current Minister of Transportation in the cabinet of President Muhammadu Buhari. The two reportedly met at Amaechi’s residence in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, to discuss how Mayweather could enrich the lives of aspiring Naija professional boxers.

“The ultimate plan is to find the next Mayweather,” Mayweather said to the Nigerian media. “I want to work with kids. I will come over to meet and talk to make sure we are all on the same page and slowly start building these fighters.”

From Africa With Love

Recently, Mayweather appeared on “The Pivot Podcast” and expressed the love he receives from the fans on the continent.

“You know where I get the most love, Africa. My biggest fans is from Africa,” Mayweather said.

Ghana is known for having prolific boxing champions like Azumah Nelson, Ike Quartey, and Joshua Clottey. Currently, in the UFC there is a renaissance of Nigerian champions in Kamaru Usman and Israel Adesanya. However, in boxing former unified champion Anthony Joshua, a British-Nigerian is the biggest name in the sport with Nigerian ancestry since former world champion Samuel Peter.

“We just want to help,” Mayweather continued. “It’s all about giving back, helping the youths and the young generation coming up. I want to build a boxing camp for the kids. Different American trainers will come over and work with them.”

Bringing “Money” The Mayweather Way

Amaechi reportedly let Mayweather know that he “believes the federal government would support any initiative to harness more talents in the country.” The hope is that the efforts would also create jobs.

Mayweather has been bullish on supporting Black people, especially Black athletes. As the most financially successful boxer ever, Mayweather and adviser Al Haymon and Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe have created a business blueprint that all athletes now aspire to.

“It’s no different from Chinese supporting the Chinese, Dominicans support Dominicans, Puerto Ricans support Puerto Ricans, Mexicans support Mexicans,” Mayweather said recently to FightHype. “I’m a Black American. I’m going to support a Black American first.”

Taking Care Of Your People

Mayweather has provided opportunities for Black athletes like Gervonta “Tank” Davis, Adrien Broner, and many more.

“I wanted my dad to be proud of me first, before anybody. I never wanted to let my father down. But the main thing that I really wanted to do I wanted my people to be proud of me,” Mayweather continued on The Pivot.

“I don’t care about nobody else, there’s nothing like your own people, when you come from blood, sweat, and tears from the ground up, your people being proud of you is a great feeling.”

Africa’s Talent No Longer Hidden

In retirement, Mayweather has revolutionized the non-professional boxing exhibition game. His fight against Don Moore in Dubai this weekend is happening on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab, one of the tallest hotels in the world, and it comes replete with an NFT.

“There are so many talents in the sports world over there in the United States, and Africa is dominating in the U.S now. There are so many hidden talents, so many skills, so we want the world to see these skills.

“We don’t want it to be hidden, like I was able to display my skills and talents to the world, here I am today. I want to build an academy just for the children to grow,” Mayweather said.

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