Philly Is All In On Signing LeBron James

The LeBron James free agent hysteria never ceases. In the past six months hes been mentioned as leaving Cleveland at the end of this season to join the Lakers, Houston, and even Golden State. The Sixers have also expressed interest in King James, fingering him as the final piece to a long awaited NBA Finals run. 

While coaches cant speak on players that are under contracts with other teams and players have to tread likely with such reckless recruiting talk, paid advertisements are always a go and the city of Philadelphia isnt wasting any time in letting it be known that Philly Wants LeBron.  A Pennsylvania company bought the following three billboards on the highway, seven miles from the Cavs arena. 

The Shadow League on Twitter

Complete the process? Some 76ers fans want LeBron to head to Philly. (: @darrenrovell)

Tact is obviously of no concern when the possibility of getting the worlds greatest baller to join a young nucleus of burgeoning talent including Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. 

King James is currently occupied with fighting ignorant and racist FOX analysts and trying to develop chemistry with a new cast of starters in time to challenge Golden State for NBA supremacy. 

The Shadow League on Twitter

LeBron James speaks on the ignorant “Shut up and dribble” comments

The results have been mixed and he isnt speaking about free agency. His frustrations with the Cleveland organization particularly since Kyrie bounced has been evident. The organization has bent over backwards trying to put the pieces around LeBron that will not only help him contend for a championship this season, but convince him to resign with the team. 

LeBron is yet to commit to a future with his home town squad. 

Philly, in the meantime, is going for the gusto like a dude walking by you and your wife on your own block with a sign asking her to be his girlfriend. Disrespectful, but so real. It’s going to be another interesting free agent journey this summer with King James. 

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