The Sports World Is Twitter Hyped Over The Oklahoma City Thunder

Ever since OKC added Paul George and Carmelo Anthony in the offseason, I have had my eye on the squad. They have as formidable a Big Three as any in the league, including the Super Team Golden State Warriors, who the Thunder thrashed on Tuesday night 125-105 to improve to 2-0 over the defending champs this season. 

Okc beats warriors twice in a row 2018! OKC Thunder vs Golden State Warriors


In what is becoming a trend, The Shadow Leagues prior optimism about OKC is now being shared by other national outlets who are seeing that Melo, PG13 and Westbrook CAN play together and possibly even make some major noise in the playoffs. 

Been telling you these guys were a problem. 

The Twitter world now agrees with us. 

Marc Stein on Twitter

Tonight is a prime example of why OKC, for all its flaws, is so intriguing. The Thunder have always believed they’re good enough to win a series with the Warriors. How many teams really have that swagger?

Travis Singleton on Twitter

The Oklahoma City Thunder are now 5-0 on the season against CLE, HOU, GSW, and TOR. I told everyone this team is built for the playoffs not the regular season. Huge wins against contenders can go a long way to success for this team.

The basketball world saw what could happen when Westbrook – the only guy who can talk smack-for-smack with Draymond Green – drops 34 points and Paul George is on fire, serving up 38 and posterizing cats. 

OKC THUNDER on Twitter

Just get outta his way… @Yg_Trece

They are tough to beat. The game had a playoff feel to it as Green predictably got ejected, the D tightened up and the Splash Brothers had a rare, shaky shooting night.

Media heads were down on OKC at the beginning of the season as they got off to a slow start while trying to develop a chemistry on the go. Melo was trying to figure out how to do more by doing less, George was trying to find his flow in a new offense with two other ball dominators, and Westbrook was tentative, trying his best to assimilate his other All-Star caliber pieces into the mix.  

The past two months of the season have been a growing experience for the squad. They reeled off a nice winning streak to climb into the Western conference contender mix. Recently, they have had to adjust to losing a crucial defender in Andre Roberson to injury. 

With Roberson out, OKC had to recalibrate their team chemistry and dynamics again, and it cost them a four-game losing streak while they figured it out. Thats what this entire season has been to them so far. Just trying to figure out each other, find a way to maximize their immense talents and incorporate the strengths of their supporting pieces. 

Head coach Billy Donovan has actually done a solid job as chef of this exotic and potentially deadly mixture. 

A 31-24 record has OKC in fifth place in the Western Conference, just three games behind the third place Spurs. Honestly speaking, OKC looks like the only contending Western Conference team that has not peaked already this season. Consistency might be a problem with the Thunder, but they have already proven that their Big Three will show up and make them a problem in the big games against the NBAs elite. 

Royce Young on Twitter

Thunder beat the Warriors 125-105. Westbrook 34-9-9, George 38, Grant 16, Adams 14 and 10. OKC goes to 2-0 against the Warriors this season, winning by a combined 42 points.

The Thunder are 5-0 against the Warriors, Rockets, Cavs and Raptors this season, with an average winning margin of 16.5 points. Clevelands demise opened up another in the potential squad to upset Golden State pool. Dont look now, but Golden State has dropped 2 of 3 games for the first time in almost 300 contests. OKC just has to focus on getting better.  

“It’s not about them, it’s about our team,” Westbrook said. “I don’t want to make the story about them, that we beat them. It really don’t matter who we played tonight, our job is to worry about our team, this locker room and that’s all I worry about.”

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