The Sixers And Brett Brown Can’t Find Common Ground

The Philadelphia 76ers and Brett Brown have been linked with one another all summer, but for some reason both sides haven’t been able to reach an agreement. The 76ers reportedly offered Doug Collins’ old job to Brown on draft night, but after they gutted their entire roster, Philly refuted that report.

Nearly two months later, every other NBA vacancy has been filled, but both parties are still stuck in limbo. On Saturday, it was reported that the Sixers had again offered the head coaching job to Brown, but now there are rumors being circulated that Brown is being urged not to take the job out of fear he’ll be the sacrificial lamb as soon as their tank year is over. It’s an understandable fear because of the common practice of franchises Soprano-style whacking unheralded coaches after one season. Brown's not leaving a plum  gig in San Antonio for for that.

 If anything, Brown should be negotiating a bonus, if Philly finishes the season with the NBA’s worst record and enough ping pong balls to draft Kansas’ one-and-done star Andrew Wiggins. However, if history is any indication, Brown may be one-and-done and unemployed by season’s if the front office’s plan succeeds.

However, life is all about taking risks. And the reward could make this upscoming season of losses worth it in the long run. Just go back and look at Pop's first season in San Antonio.