The Sights, Sounds From NYC Protest Remembering Eric Garner

On Friday over 1000 protesters amassed at a rally in Columbus Square in Manhattan to remember Staten Island native Eric Garner, who was choked to death during an encounter with the NYPD over allegedly selling loose cigarettes. That harrowing event sparked the Black Lives Matter campaign that was further fueled by the deaths of Mike Brown, Jr., Freddie Gray, Rumain Brisbon, Tamir Rice and multiple others.

Additionally, Immigrant Rights and Community Policing tactics were an integral part of the discussion.

Speakers at the rally included representatives from Millions March NYC, Shut It Down NYC, Peoples Power Assemblies, and other activist groups.

Following the rally protesters then marched out of Columbus Square, through Midtown Manhattan before holding a silent vigil in Herald Square.

Conservative estimates say dozens of people were arrested. No teargas or excessive force was used in sight of our cameras.

The Shadow League was embedded among those gathered in memory of the men and women who died needlessly, as well as to document the event. This was only one of numerous protests taking place over the weekend that included rallies in Staten Island, Pennsylvania and several other locales.

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