“The Lights Ain’t Coming On This Year” | Kendrick Perkins Says The Sacramento Kings Are Going To The Western Conference Finals

Over the weekend the Sacramento Kings did something they haven’t since 2005-06, they reached 40 wins and are now tied for second in the West with the Memphis Grizzlies. That got former NBA player turned ESPN NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins talking bright and early on Monday morning. During a segment on the network’s hit show “First Take,” Perk, while discussing the Kings’ surprising season also took a shot at the defending champion Golden State Warriors as it pertains to them turning it on and making a deep playoff run.

“They could flip it on and then realize the light bill wasn’t paid, because the lights ain’t coming on this year. And here’s why: for the first time I can say that the Warriors don’t have an identity.”

Perk wasn’t done. He then added this about the Warriors’ run, and where the Kings will be: 

Perkins, a well-known Lakers and LeBron James apologist, then deciphers who he thinks has a higher championship ceiling between the Lakers and Warriors, without ever mentioning the Lakers, but further praising the Kings and Mike Brown. 

“I’m looking at them and, no, they’re not a championship team right now. They better stay the hell away from the Sacramento Kings. Because no matter how young that group is, no matter now inexperienced they may be as far as coming down to the postseason, they have old souls. And coach Mike Brown is doing a hell of a job right now.”

Maybe Perk is looking at the current standings, where the Kings are tied for second, with the Warriors at No. 6. Meaning, they are a very likely first-round matchup. But to just write off the defending champions while praising a team that’s never been to the playoffs is blasphemous, to say the least.

Perkins Has Been Wrong Often

While the Warriors haven’t played like championship contenders, Perkins shouldn’t be the one saying their window has closed. He was the main culprit saying that nonsense prior to last year’s playoffs, and we saw how that ended, with them hoisting another Larry O’Brien Trophy. But putting a team that’s never sniffed the playoffs in the conference finals is a bit much. Let’s see them win a playoff game and series first.

Just a couple days ago, Perk allowed himself to spew that the Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies are the lone NBA rivalry. That’s laughable at best, because for a rivalry to exist both teams have to win at some point, and the Grizzlies haven’t done so as of yet. 

So, in other words, take Perkins analyses and hot takes with a grain of salt.

Light The Beam In SacTown

Seeing what the Kings are doing has been good for the NBA. A rabid fan base once again has a viable team. The fans and city have even adopted the “Light The Beam” mantra following every home win at Golden 1 Center. 

The aforementioned Brown says he thought the gesture was “corny” now says it’s “really frickin’ cool.”

It’s become a real part of the Kings culture, just like the cowbells were at ARCO Arena, and with De’Aaron Fox and Domnatas Sabonis leading the way, things are definitely looking up in the Cali state capital.


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