The Saga Continues … Zion Williamson Suffers Another Setback | Will Zion & Pelicans Ever Get On The Same Page?

New Orleans Pelicans All-Star Zion Williamson suffered another setback in his rehab after a foot fracture that required surgery in the offseason. Williamson received an injection to help with the bone healing process in his right foot and will be reevaluated in 4-6 weeks, according to reports.

Pelicans first-year head coach Willie Green is frustrated for his young star.

“I don’t necessarily want to speak for him but I have spoken to him, but it’s just been frustrating for everyone,” Pelicans coach Willie Green said after practice on Thursday.
“It’s been frustrating for him, his family. We’re continuing to navigate adversity. We want to be encouraging and hopeful. It’s just something that he’s dealing with and we’re all dealing with as an organization. We just have to try and keep getting through it. But it’s been tough.”

This entire situation has been strange and poorly handled from the jump.

Pelicans executive vice president of basketball operations David Griffin announced at the beginning of training camp that Zion suffered the injury in the summer, had surgery and would be limited in camp but shouldn’t miss the start of the season.

Zion Williamson’s Return From Foot Surgery Is As Uncertain as His Long-Term Future with The Pelicans

In the 24/7 media cycle and with the NBA’s best newsbreakers all around, nobody knew about this injury during the summer? No Woj or Shams bombs? Nothing from Chris Haynes, Marc Stein, etc?

The injury is a broken fifth metatarsal bone in his right foot. That is a Jones fracture. But nobody has been saying that consistently.

This is the same injury that Kevin Durant suffered in the 2014-15 season when he was with the Oklahoma City Thunder. He required three surgeries in six months and only played in 27 games that season.

The thing about a Jones fracture is they are often slow to heal, because the blood flow to that area of the body is limited. Therefore, Jones fractures often require surgical interventions to help reduce the chances of a delayed union or nonunion.

Zion’s foot is clearly not reacting well to any type of increased activity, which means the healing process has been slow. In line with what we know about a Jones fracture.

Why haven’t the Pelicans been forthcoming with the information? Why hasn’t Zion or his team released a statement?

He will now be limited to low impact, partial weight-bearing activities for an extended period. That’s not going to help the weight problem he allegedly has, unless he is being extremely mindful about his diet and is working with a professional.

‘He Looks Like Me & Shaq Had A Baby’ | Charles Barkley Clowns Zion Willamson’s Weight, But He Also Feels His Pain

He will be re-evaluated with further imaging in four to six weeks. The earliest he’ll get another scan is January 13, the latest the 27th. That’s just to see where he is. If it is determined that he has improved, the next phase of his ramp-up will begin.

The earliest possible date he could see the floor would be just before the All-Star break, and that’s unlikely.

The Pelicans are currently 9-21 and have the fourth-worst record in the league. It’s doubtful they’ll be any better in the standings by then. The question then becomes why bring him back at all?

A lottery-bound team in March is not a fun place to be around.

There are so many questions that remain unanswered, and there doesn’t appear to be a clear timetable on when we will receive any answers at all.

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