As we close out Week 14, I can make a few guarantees. The Chiefs, Bucs, Cardinals, and Packers are the truth. As we approach the week, 15 teams are now playing for position.

Like I said before, some play for a position in the draft and others for the playoffs. Some teams like Atlanta and Seattle tease us, and one week we feel like they’ll be in the playoffs, and other weeks we ask management to throw the entire franchise away.

I want to root for the Titans and Bills to give me a severe playoff vibe, but with Tennessee without Derrick Henry and the Bills not stopping a nosebleed, I’m not buying them. The Giants, Jaguars, Jets, and Lions have already purchased suits for the draft and are lucky to win two games for the rest of the season. The division to look out for is the NFC East.

Besides the Giants, every other team is in play. Cowboys fans are mighty quiet right now. Let’s see how these good teams become significant and the middle-of-the-road teams make a strong push at the end. Right now every game counts.


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