The Odd Couple | Cardinals QB Kyler Murray Calls Out Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury Again Following Another Close Loss

Cardinals QB Kyler Murray has constantly questioned head coach Kliff Kingsbury’s schematic decisions and the team’s offense.

He’s also very demonstrative when things don’t go right, and often exhibits bad body posture towards his coach and teammates. So nothing he says concerning the Cardinals is really all that surprising, but the frequency at which he throws tantrums is very alarming.

Kyler Murray Blames Kliff Kingsbury For Interception 

Following Sunday’s 25-24 loss to the Chargers, an agitated Murray was asked about his team’s struggles, including a first half interception that looked like a miscommunication between he and his receivers.

“No, that wasn’t for Hop, actually,” Murray said. “Schematically, I mean, they kind of, we were kind of f—ed.”

“The whole game we pretty much had what we wanted. Our four-minute offense execution lost us the game. Defense, I don’t think they should’ve been put in that situation.”

When Murray talks scheme it’s a direct shot at head coach and play-caller Kliff Kingsbury, something we’ve come accustomed to with Murray over the duo’s tenure together.

Does Kyler Murray Have A Temper Problem? 

Earlier this season, Murray and Kingsbury had a pretty heated debate during a game in October where Murray yelled at Kingsbury and told him to “Calm the f—k down!”

Murray told reporters this following the game.

“He sometimes gets real animated over on the sidelines sometimes,” Murray said. 

Kingsbury tried to downplay the exchange. 

“We had a difference of opinion. Yeah, he said I didn’t look good on TV and acted kind of fiery. So, I don’t know,” Kingsbury said. “It’s the Gen-Z thing, on TV calm down, but I like showing emotion.”

A few weeks ago, Murray and his favorite target, wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins got into a heated verbal spat on the sidelines.

There was also a time during the preseason where Kingsbury, who’d grown tired of Murray’s questioning of his play calls, let the diminutive dynamo call plays to show him how difficult it is.

“I just wanted him to know that, hey, this sh-t ain’t easy. Every now and then he starts shaking his head when I’m calling it in there. I’m like, all right, big dog.”

“I Just Wanted Him To Know, Hey, This Sh**t Ain’t Easy” | Cardinals Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury Let Kyler Murray Call Plays For Backups To Teach Murray A Lesson 

Murray failed miserably. The former Heisman winner confused the quarterbacks after giving them the play and continued to talk to them during the play, which in turn made it difficult for them to focus.

“I would not want to play for Kyler Murray, if I was a quarterback and he was a coach,” said Kingsbury sarcastically. 

Kyler Murray And Kingsbury Are Stuck Together In Arizona

This past offseason Cardinals management extended both quarterback
Kyler Murray and head coach Kliff Kingsbury with lucrative long-term deals, so barring any unforeseen changes both will be in “the valley of the sun” until at least 2027. So it’d be advantageous for both parties if they can work through their differences, for the betterment of a consistently underachieving Cardinals team.

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