The NFL Has Been Investigating Ezekiel Elliott For Over A Year

Free Zeke is the new chant coming out of Dallas Cowboys camp as the NFL gets closer to preseason crunchtime. The NFL has been investigating Ezekiel Elliott for over a year now, since July of 2016 when he was implicated in a domestic violence situation by a former girlfriend. The charges were dismissed in the courts, but not in the eyes of the NFL, which is conducting its own investigation. Since the Ray Rice elevator incident, the league has been beyond diligent in handling such matters. 

If Zeke would have just laid low after the initial domestic violence incident, the investigation would probably be over, but he continued wilding out. He exposed the boobs of a female friend on a Dallas rooftop bar and he was implicated in an assault at another bar. 

These red flags have made the NFL hesitant to end its investigation into the domestic violence incident. That is the NFLs No. 1 no-no and commissioner Roger Goodell has tremendous pressure to attack such accusations aggressively and deliver a harsh punishment if necessary. Women’s rights and anti-domestic violence groups are always laying in the cut, waiting for the NFL to show even an ounce of leniency for any player involved in domestic violence of any nature. 

Stephen A., Max And Molly Debate NFL’s Investigation Of Ezekiel Elliott | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Molly Qerim debate NFL’s investigation of Dallas Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott.

At this point, the NFL doesnt seem to be in a rush to end the investigation, but time is ticking on Dallas preseason preparation and not knowing the potential availability of your superstar player just doesnt help things. 

Elliott now has to enter his sophomore season with some uncertainty. The sponsorship deals he may have lined up will be in flux until the league makes a decision. If he is suspended, how long will he be absent from Dallas potent offense? 

Naturally, Cowboys EVP Stephen Jones wants the NFL to improve the pace of the investigations. But as ESPNs Adam Schefter pointed out, The NFL is more anxious to be thorough than they are in a rush (to end the inquiry) on Twitter

NFL has taken too long on Ezekiel Elliott investigation, Stephen Jones says #Cowboys #CowboysNation

So as the Cowboys community shouts Free Zeke from the stresses of this drawn out investigation, Elliott can only blame himself for making his spot hotter than a tea kettle. Hes on the NFL radar and hes under zero tolerance surveillance at this point. The ball is in his court. The Houdini act is wearing thin. If he cant keep his nose clean, then he will be suspended and labeled a villain of the league.

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