The New Lebron Sneakers Are Making People Go Crazy For Real

Some stories are just so distressing that you figure, somehow, it must be a hoax. Until you hear about an arrest and then you shake your head. So this guy out in Northern California went so far with his message board rage as to make references to commiting an act similar to the recent movie theater tragedy in Colorado. His beef? The $270 price tag of the new Zoom Lebron X. Granted, it doesn't really matter what is behind his reasoning–it could have been opposition to the war in Afghanistan, or to birth control, or even the election. Regardless of the reason, threatening to randomly harm people will always be considered a reckless act. Considering the current gun climate, i don't care if they throw the book at him. Anger for sneakers though? It's such a small time thing that there's nothing anyone can say to make it even remotely logical. Makes you wonder what's next?