The Hunger Games Salute Used in Thailand Protests

Movies are just entertainment, right? There are moments when it’s more. Thursday, protestors in Thailand used the famous three finger salute from The Hunger Games film series as a real form of resistance for those who oppose the military coup’s takeover of the country’s elected government.

“If a single individual raises three fingers in the air, we are not going to arrest him or her,” Col. Weerachon Sukhondhapatipak, a spokesman for Thailand’s junta, told The Associated Press. “But if it is a political gathering of five people or more, then we will have to take some action. If it persists, then we will have to make an arrest.”

The salute, highlighted early in the film, by protagonist Katniss Everdean (Jennifer Lawrence) and the people of District 12, serves as a silent protest.  But in real life, as in fiction, tyrants rarely stomach descent for long.

We’ll keep you updated.


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