The Guy Who Tried To Rob LL Needs a Better Lawyer

I have no formal law school training, but i've watched a whole lot of Law and Order episodes. Meaning, I have at least a minimal understanding of what goes on between a defendant and his/her defender. I get that more than half of the time the guilty party still pleads innocent, and puts the burden of proof on the prosecutors. Sometimes though, it just seems silly. News that the guy who burglarized LL Cool J's home last week is pleading not guilty, is exactly what i'm talking about when i say silly. What exactly is he not guilty of and why did he agree to go along with a plan of action with no hope of success? Dude got caught inside another person’s crib, on some late night , I’m walking out  with the flat screen TV type of scenario. My man, it’s over, just take that upcoming bid with you and walk out of that courtroom with your chin up. At least you’ll have a dope story in the prison yard.

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