The GOAT Defeats The Prodigy, Brady Lifts Patriots To Super Bowl LIII

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots outlasted a great effort by Patrick Mahomes Jr. to advance to Super Bowl LIII. 

Patrick Mahomes Jr. tried his best to dethrone the New England Patriots. He was every bit the prodigy in Sunday’s AFC Championship against the Pats. His second-half performance was the stuff of legends, but the football gods still have a chosen one and his name is Tom Brady.

As good as Mahomes was, Brady was better in the clutch moments and Kansas City’s defense abandoned ship midway through the fourth quarter and couldn’t stop a nosebleed as Brady answered every pigskin bullet that Mahomes sprayed at New England. In a heavyweight bout that went back and forth, Brady’s Patriots came off the canvas to deliver the decisive blow in overtime of a 37-31 win. 

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Darth Brady does it again!


Mahomes and Brady went back and forth in the second half after the Chiefs rebounded from a 14-0 deficit and if Brady had given Mahomes a chance to touch the ball in OT, KC might have had a chance.

Instead, the legend of Tom Brady once again takes precedence over the coronation of a new football king. He advances to his ninth Super Bowl and third straight in the Killer B’s era.

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The Patriots are the 3rd franchise to reach 3 straight Super Bowls and the 1st since the Bills from 1990-93.

Meanwhile, Mahomes Jr. who enjoyed one of the finest seasons by a pro QB in NFL history got a first-hand look at why we said before the game, he would have to walk through fire with gasoline draws on to win.

He nearly made it. Regardless of the outcome, we witnessed the beginning of a new era.

Mahomes Jr. didn’t fold under the pressure of the most vital game of his career, throwing for 295 yards and three TDs.  His efforts this season, according to reports, have earned him a huge contract, ensuring that he remains with the Chiefs for years to come.

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Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes expected to sign a record deal when eligible in 2020 that shapes up as the NFL’s first $200 million contract, per sources.

Mahomes deserves it. The guy that is almost unanimously considered The GOAT was just a little better this time. Next season Mahomes Jr. will have another chance to close the gap and elevate to that next level.

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