The First Four Games Of Von Miller’s Season May Have Gone Up In Smoke

After Elvis Dumervil’s agent flubbed his contract negotiations with the Denver Broncos, Von Miller’s importance to the defense became even more profound. If the NFL has its way, Broncos fans will see more of Dumervil, in a visiting Ravens uniform when they open up the season at home against Baltimore, than they will of Miller. The leader of the Broncos defense suffered a self-inflicted setback that will keep him off the field for the first quarter of next season’s schedule.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Miller will face a four-game suspension for violating NFL policy. Miller's suspension comes on the heels of a tumultuous summer for the Broncos front office. Director of player personnel Matt Russell and director of pro personnel Tom Heckert were both suspended for recent incidents involving drunk-driving arrests. On the plus side, at least there aren't any lawyers or courtroom appearances in Miller's future. Although unsubstantiated because of the NFL's confidentiality,'s Benjamin Allbright is reporting that marijuana use is to blame for Miller's suspension.

It should be noted that the NFL doesn't have an official policy on DUI suspensions in the most recent collective bargaining agreement. Therefore, Miller would have been better off getting behind the wheel with impaired senses than he would blazing up in his own living room.

Von Miller is reportedly appealing his suspension, but The Shadow League's No. 2 ranked pass rusher may have been slightly confused and jumped the (shot)gun. At least we know where Miller stands on Amendment 64. Voters in the state of Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana within the state's borders at the polls last November. Unfortunately, Colorado's transformation into the world's first legal, regulated marijuana marketplace won't take effect until January 1, 2014. Miller probably won't win the appeal against the league, but if this happens next summer, he, or any other Bronco, might have a viable legal challenge.

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