The Dime Week 6: Rock Bottom Time In Houston

1. Damn Giants. Has it really come to this?  0-6? Now what?

2. Randall Cobb knee. What's the defense supposed to do?

If you hit receivers high, you'll get fined. If you hit them low, then stuff like this happens. Let's just hope that Randall Cobb isn't out for too long. 

3. Sit Mike Vick? Nick Foles played great yesterday, but let's slow down a bit when it comes to him starting over Mike Vick. He balled out against the Bucs who are stupid dope average on defense, with the 16th best pass defense in the league. Play like that against the Seahawks then we can talk. 

4. Matt Schaub. What a week for Schaubby. A fan came to his house to tell him about his play. He hurts his knee on Sunday and fans actually cheered about him leaving the game. What kind of loser do you have to be to cheer something like that? 

5. The Chiefs are 6-0 and hardly any decent souls outside of Kansas City are talking about them. Their defense is the real deal too, having sacked Terrelle Pryor ten times on Sunday. 

6. Adrian Peterson played. It's no surprise either. This is the same man who worked out at the NFL combine just hours after findng out that his brother had been killed. Of course he was going to take the field with this latest horrifc tragedy in his life. 

7. Justin Blackmon has done himself no favors in his two years in the NFL with various off the field troubles. Sunday's performance was a jab step in the right direction. We see you kid, 14 catches for 190 yards on Champ Baily…nice

8. MVP. I don't care if Peyton Manning ends world hunger, Tom Brady is the MVP this season. He's throwing to no name receivers who also have no hands and is still managing to get the job done. How he pulled off that game-winning drive Sunday is beyond me. 

9. Lockdown in Beantown. Aqib Talib had Jimmy Graham under house arrest Sunday. Graham was targeted 6 times for no catches and Talib was in his grill for most of those plays. Best corners in the league right now are Richard Sherman, Talib, Joe Haden and Darrelle Revis….disagree, fight me.  

10. Just dance. Joseph Fauria, if you like it, we love it bruh. 


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