The Dime Week 3: Things Are Getting Hectic In San Francisco

1. Trading Trent. I don’t care if the Browns won this weekend. There’s no denying that they tanked their season when they traded Trent Richardson away last week. Hell, I bet the Browns management was quite shocked that they beat the Vikings on Sunday.

2. Reid's Revenge. You knew the Eagles were going to lose last Thursday. Andy Reid has been with the team longer than Lou Gehrig’s streak. He remade Michael Vick in Philly and knew exactly how to destroy him. No, the Eagles shouldn’t have kept Andy Reid. His voice was getting stale and players weren’t listening to him. Also, great job by the Eagles fans showing Andy some love.

3. Giants Losers. If you would have told me the Giants would be 0-3, I would have called you a liar. I’m not worried though. The Giants always pull crap like this, normally it’s in the middle of the season, but they always go on streaks where they act like they’re trolling us all. When they won the Super Bowl two years ago, they went on a few losing streaks. 

4. Aaron Rodgers. So what, Aaron Rodgers got into it with Mike McCarthy on the sidelines. It’s football, not a business meeting. An emotional game is going to come with emotional responses to tense situations. I’d much rather Rodgers speak his mind than walk around lifeless like Jay Cutler a few years back.

5. Greg Schiano Gone? This guy is done. Josh Freeman’s play has gone down. Darrelle Revis has been there for five minutes and is already complaining about not liking Schiano’s method of discipline. Some coaches, especially college, never fully understand that they can’t treat professionals like college kids.

6. Tyrann Mathieu. I mean, the kid is only 5’9” 174 lbs. I don’t think the Arizona fans appreciate this kid’s greatness. He reminds me a lot of Allen Iverson.

His exuberance, effort and overall energy on the field is just dope. I like watching this kid play football.

7. Ryan Tannehill.  The 2012 NFL QB class might be the best ever. We talk about Luck, RGIII, and Russell Wilson but we forget Tannehill. He’s working with the least amount of talent and he’s balling. Out of these four, only Wilson and Tannehill are undefeated right now and Tannehill’s squad clearly has far less talent. Speaking of Wilson, this tweet explains a lot.

8. What’s wrong with Pittsburgh?  No really, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them get pushed around like this. They’ve always been one of the toughest NFL teams. Something is not right. I'm not sure if it's Mike Tomlin or Ben Roethlisberger. It could be the loss of James Harrison, or something else entirely. 

9. Peyton Manning. The guy is a machine. It's not fair but it's great to watch. There's no reason why he shouldn't win the MVP this year and there is also no reason why the Broncos shouldn't be playing in the Super Bowl. 

10. 49ers. They are falling apart before our eyes.They had major injuries in the offseason. They have no WRs for Colin Kaepernick to throw to. Now, they lose their best pass rusher, Aldon Smith for at least a month. Jim Harbaugh normally runs a tight ship, but it looks like he's losing control of his team. 





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