The Curry 3: “My man mad now!”

The latest commercial for Steph Curry’s signature Under Armour shoe, the Curry 3, just dropped like an atomic bomb. The spot features local Bay Area kids challenging Steph to put all his successes and failures behind him to focus on the presentto Make That Old and instead focus on making new history.

“Constructed with proprietary technologies and designed to drive the leagues back-to-back MVP to new heights, the Curry 3 is the optimal combination of lightweight support, balance, speed and durability,” read the company’s recent press release. “Powered by Under Armours newest breakthrough in fabric technology, Threadborne, Under Armour and Stephen have created a new shoe that breaks the mold of what to expect from basketball footwear, with innovative technology and design.”

Here are the tech specifications provided by Under Armour:

* Threadborne is a new technology created by Under Armours innovators after examining a parachute, specifically paracord, a strong piece of material that is at the equipments core. Within the weave construction of paracord, Under Armour discovered ultra-durable yarns and rebuilt them into a fabric engineered to withstand the rigors of an 82 game season and support the two-time MVP as he transcends the limits of the game. The Curry 3 Threadborne fabric is comprised of braided thread that wraps around a larger, corded panel, delivering unparalleled lightweight directional strength and infinite support. 

* Meta-Wing lines the heel of the Curry 3 to expressly support the subtalor jointthe joint that connects the ankle and heel bones, and is crucial in terrain balance, pivoting and shock absorption. The shoes create a snug fit that is unrivaled in stabilizing the foot, ensuring the most complete and efficient way to cut and move laterally on the basketball court. 

* Anafoam is constructed on the medial to deliver body-mapped fit, lightweight structure and support.

* Charged Cushioning is a unique foam technology, which absorbs impact and converts it into a responsive burst, making each stride or change of direction explosive.

* Herringbone Traction: The return of Herringbone traction on the sole of the Curry 3 amplifies stability, grip and support on the court.


In the commercial, Steph dismisses all of the past accolades, stressing that the freshest thing in his mind is last year’s missed championship.

With the inspiring, hypnotic beats and lyrics from Pastor T.L. Barrett’s mesmerizing version of Louis Armstrong’s “Nobody Knows” propelling the narrative, on top of Steph’s drive and sincerity to become his best possible self in climbing the championship mountain once again, told through the voices of Oakland-area youth, this commercial is sure to give you goose pimples. 

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