The Chiefs Crank The Volume At Arrowhead Stadium

The Kansas City Chiefs are well-known for their noise, especially in Arrowhead Stadium. Over the last few seasons, however, the stadium has been rather muted, at least be their standards.

But that all changed in the Andy Reid tenure. Leading the team to a 6-0 start has brought the atmosphere is back at Arrowhead, a fact the Oakland Raiders can attest to. They had 11 penalties on the day, including several false starts and delay of game flags. QB Terrelle Pryor was also sack 10 times, as KC's defensive line kept the pressure cranked up all day.

That isn't much of a surprise considering the noise level. Arrowhead Stadium set a world record for noise, surpassing the mark set in the Seattle-San Francisco game earlier in the year, with a decibel level of 137.5. For comparison, an airplane at 100 feet is about 140. 

The Chiefs will look to build upon their momentum with two more home games in a row. With the struggling Texans up next, look for Matt Schaub, to milk that ankle injury.

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