The Bronx Bombers Are Broadway Bound

The story of the New York Yankees franchise is indeed an all time dramatic take of power and egos – the likes of which very few real life subject matters can match. It's only right that it should be a Broadway play, and that's exactly what's slated to go down. 

"Bronx Bombers" is a new play written and directed by Eric Simonson that will follow the lives of Yankees' great, Yogi Berra and his beloved wife Carmen, through a century of highs, lows, and Yankee favorites from throughout time.  Legacy and history are two attributes that make the New York Yankees one of the best sports franchises in the world, and legacy and history are exactly what "Bronx Bombers" is all about. With the role of Yogi Berra being played by actor Joe Pantoliano, the set is slated to open on Broadway at The Circle in the Square Theater on January 10th, with the official launch on February 6th.