The Bobcats Have Lost 16 In A Row

LeBron James and the Miami Heat strolled into Charlotte, and left with a 13-point win. LeBron James at 27 points and 12 boards, while Dwyane Wade added 29 and nine. Miami opened the game with three straight dunks and a Mario Chalmers 3-pointer. LeBron had 11 in the first quarter, eight of which came on fast-break dunks. The Heat led by 17 at the half, and their biggest lead was 19. 

Now, I didn't watch the game, because that would require watching the Bobcats, but I must say this column from the News and Observer in Charlottle had both of my eyebrows moving in all sorts of directions. 16 in a row is not that bad? In what world? The author, Rick Bonnell, goes on to explain that the Bobcats' effort in the second half merited some credit, and the team showed signs of "nuanced progress."  Does this guy write for Speaker Boehner? 

The Bobcats will hopefully turn things around one day. We'd all like to see Michael Kidd-Gilchrist unleashed at his full potential. But 16 losses in a row ain't gonna get us there. Let's just hope they don't get to 17. There's not even a song for that one. 

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