“The Bills Are … The Favorites To Go To The Super Bowl Out Of The AFC”| NFL Analyst Marcus Spears Is High On Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have been on the doorstep of the Super Bowl the past two seasons. The only roadblock has been the juggernaut better known as Kansas City. The Chiefs have ended the Bills’ season the last two playoffs, once in the AFC championship and once in an epic divisional round classic. 

But with the Chiefs trading wide receiver Tyreek Hill and allowing safety Tyrann Mathieu to leave via free agency, the belief is the Chiefs’ subtractions are a blessing for the Bills. The talent shift has ESPN’s Marcus Spears saying the Bills, led by star QB Josh Allen, will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. We surely mentioned that already, but it’s good to see we are on the same page as the worldwide leader. 

“We just coming off that game against the Kansas City Chiefs. And obviously, Mahomes and Chiefs came out with the victory. But we know Josh Allen played well enough to win the game, everybody’s confident.”

Allen Can Hang With Mahomes 

Allen has transformed into a star QB, and with his unique skill set, being able to run it and throw it efficiently, the Bills are set at the game’s most important position. That makes them a big favorite to get to Arizona.

Spears flat-out picked Buffalo to take the AFC in 2022. 

“I believe that the Bills are gonna go in as the favorite to go to the Super Bowl out of the AFC this year. Even though we’re gonna talk about the AFC West and all of those things, I believe the Bills are, right now, sitting at No. 1 in the conference.”

Team Extended Stefon Diggs And Signed Jamison Crowder: Will The Loss Of Brian Daboll Hurt?

With Josh Allen’s elite arm strength, the Bills take plenty of shots downfield. The team extended star wideout Stefon Diggs ($124M) and signed solid slot receiver Jamison Crowder. Gabriel Davis had a coming-out party with four touchdown catches in the divisional round loss to K.C. The question for the Bills offense is how will they fare without offensive coordinator Brian , who left to become the head coach of the New York Giants.

Allen is so explosive and can make up for much of what they lost in Daboll. The offense is virtually staying the same, and Allen has been in it for four seasons.

Spears loves Allen’s skill set and intangibles. He raves about them. 

“And it has everything to do with Josh Allen,” Spears said. “And people got to remember this, too. Josh Allen has a great arm. He could put the ball wherever it needs to go. But they forget about the athleticism. They forget about the legs. And that’s a part of his game, too. That is up there with every quarterback that you consider dual-threat or mobile. Because we’ve seen him take over games using his legs. Josh Allen is a top-five quarterback. And I pray to God Keyshawn Johnson and Stephen A.Smith don’t come on TV and say he’s not.”

Bills Added Von Miller To Close Games: Super Bowl Or Bust?

While the offense hasn’t been the issue in Buffalo with Allen and Stefon Diggs leading the way, the defense hasn’t generated enough pass rush to get off the field in big minutes. Although they led the league in scoring defense last season, Buffalo’s D struggled to get a consistent pass rush when they needed it. The team signed two-time Super Bowl winner and 2015 NFL DPOY Von Miller to a deal in an effort to enhance the pressure. 

Now the pressure is on in Buffalo to close the deal and win the AFC and play in their first Super Bowl since 1993.

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