The Best Of NBA FAN CLUB On Clubhouse This Week: Fans Shading Nets & Aldridge

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The Topic of the Week, which had NBA Fan Club’s faithful participants going crazy was LaMarcus Aldridge going to the Brooklyn Nets. They were even more heated when the seven-time All-Star dropped 11 points, nine rebounds, six assists and two steals in 30 minutes in his debut, as Brooklyn won for the 20th time in the last 23 games.

Most fans were not feeling the move to Brooklyn. Of course, none of those fans were Nets fans. Many of them were Lakers fans, fans of LeBron James who are concerned that this Super Team the Nets have formed will be too insurmountable.

One fan said from Cleveland said, “it was a weak move by LaMarcus Aldridge and I would have liked to see him in Miami.”

Most fans were concerned with the competitive advantage that the Nets, who already feature three Hall of Famers, have gained with the addition of Aldridge, who rested last season and averages over 20 points and 8.5 boards for his career.

“I already didn’t like the Blake Griffin addition, but he’s basically washed up. Adding Aldridge is almost cheating,” said one Detroit native who works in sports journalism for a major company.

One female fan from Denver went as far as to say that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver should “step in and veto the trade” as he did to Kobe when Chris Paul was on his way to LA to boost Kobe’s championship goals.

Aldridge hasn’t wasted any time asserting himself on the Nets, especially with KD still out since February 13th.

KD’s absence, which Nets coach Steve Nash said is coming to an end, has allowed Aldridge some valuable time to get his feet wet and build chemistry for the championship run.

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