The Best Of NBA FAN CLUB On Clubhouse| Put Some Playoff Respek On LeBron & AD Name



Isaiah Johnson opened the room by blasting the criticism of LeBron and AD that was prevalent on NBA Fan Club this past week, especially after Phoenix took Game 1 of its first-round matchup against the Lakers with relative ease. 

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  1. “There was a lot of chatter in here talking about AD wasn’t a Top 5 player and LeBron is aging after Phoenix took Game 1. 

Put some respek on Lebron and AD name…Period. This game got me super hype because a lot of people be counting out Bron. There was all this chatter saying LeBron is slowing down, but if you ask me, the Lakers are going back to the Finals.” — Isaiah  

After his pro-Lakers rant set the tone, he invited other speakers to the mic. 

2. “Lebron and AD did what they had to do tonight.” — Glen   

3. “Lebron may be slowing down, but he’s smarter than he’s ever been, so he just picks his spots differently. He ain’t young. He’s not going for 45. He had a nice 20 plus tonight and hit big shots down the stretch. That’s what a veteran leader does.” — Nick  



Then all of a sudden, co-host Jarret Adams enters the room and resets the entire mood, blasting Devin Booker for Phoenix’s Game 2 loss on Tuesday night. He sounded like he just ran out of the shower with one slipper on. 

“Let me voice my displeasure in the way Devin Booker disappeared tonight. He didn’t show up until the game was over and he got a whole bunch of garbage-free throw buckets to push his score total up.” — Jarrett 

His criticism didn’t stop with D-Book.

“And it’s not just Devin Booker for me. There’s a lot of guys in the NBA that have a lot of talent but don’t have what it takes to make them an all-time great 

I see that in Jayson Tatum a lot. I see that in Bradley Beal and it just disgusts me a lot” — Jarrett 

Dang. Maybe Book will see this and respond in Game 3 how Anthony Davis responded to NAB Fan Club members saying he wasn’t a Top 5 player in the NBA. The Brow delivered 34 points, 10 boards, seven assists in Game 2.



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