Spicy Game 1 Playoff Takes On NBA Fan Club On Clubhouse

The NBA Fan Club gang bounced right into the room following the Lakers’ resounding loss to the Phoenix Suns in Game 1 of the first round of the NBA Playoffs.

Fan Club participants also had some strong opinions about the Heat-Bucks series which finds last year’s Eastern Conference Champs down 2-0.



TAKE: LA Lakers star AD is NOT a Top Five Player in The NBA

Fan Comments: 

“As far as AD, I have been saying this for the longest, I thought last year it was a popular thing to call AD “ A Top 5 player in the league” but that was just a habit saying. He wasn’t in my Top 10 when he was in New Orleans and he’s still not in my Top 10.” — Greg


“AD is softer than KAT (Karl Anthony Towns) right now. He doesn’t like going into the paint, but he’s a finesse player. He’s got all the talent and skillset in the world, but lacks that dog… and the inability to fight through injuries… that stuff is unacceptable. DeAndre Ayton shouldn’t be outplaying you. You’re 6-11, 7-foot and you’re struggling to get 10 rebounds ” — Suave

“Even with Phoenix doubling him, Anthony Davis still got to be able to do something man. Hes sleepwalking, jogging up and down the court, sometimes five or six possessions go by and he doesnt touch the basketball. How is AD on the floor and he doesn’t even look for the ball or anything? He just stands at the three-point line and hopes he gets the ball” — Taro  


TAKE: The Miami Heat Should Be Embarrassed


“I told everybody. Milwaukee might lose to somebody but it ain’t going to be Miami. The Miami doesn’t have enough bench and they don’t have enough shooters to hang with the Bucks this year.” — Skip 

“Milwaukee’s defense is crazy. Jru Holiday and PJ Tucker just add a more defensive, dog mentality that I think Milwaukee was missing last year in the playoffs” — Dave Dinero 

Take: Blame Coach Eric Spoelstra

“This is disappointing but it’s not surprising to me because the Heat team of last year is not the same Heat team first of all. But even more than that this Bucks team got better and more importantly to me defensively. I knew Jrue Holiday was going to take someone out of the game, whether it be Jimmy Butler (who had just 10 points on 4-of-10 shooting in Game 1) or somebody else. 

I think coaching comes into play here. I’m not saying Milwaukee has a better coach than we do, but Spo is horrible at making adjustments. At some point, you have to realize that they are packing the paint and they’re going to make you prove that we can shoot and score from outside. He’s done nothing to actually try to prove that to them and make them adjust to us.” — Jenni 


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