The Atlanta Falcons Are Moving Their New Home Before They Move In

The Atlanta Falcons had some big, bold plans for their new stadium, but before they could break ground on the new digs they had to negotiate with the surrounding buildings and lots, which included Friendship Baptist Church and Mount Vernon Baptist Church. Both are historical landmarks and had no desire to move from their original location.

FBC, the oldest black church in Atlanta, asked for $24.3 million in order to move, $9 million more than they were offered. Designers then came up with another design that would allow the church to remain, but the church pointed out that they would be within 100 yards of the church and therefore unable to sell alcohol. So that ain't happening either.

Negotiations didn't progress further from there, and the Falcons saw Thursday's deadline for a deal pass with nothing to show. Instead, the front office will explore a different location that won't be as easily accessible by new rail systems set to be installed this year. But that is really on the Falcons in the first place, because displacing two churches heavily involved in the Civil Rights movement with deep ties to the community shouldn't have been a necessity to build the new stadium.