“That’s What You Do” | Shannon Sharpe Says Skip Bayless Makes Debates Personal, Especially When Tom Brady Is Criticized

Things got real heated and personal on the “Undisputed” set Monday morning as co-hosts Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless were on opposite ends of the opinion spectrum during a segment about Tom Brady.

Shannon mentioned that Brady hasn’t played well this season.

Skip And Shannon Get Heated Over Brady

In response, Bayless, a renowned Brady apologist, tried to say Brady has been, and he even attempted to use Brady’s age as an excuse for his play.

Bayless raised his voice, saying this:

“This man is playing at a high level at 45 when you had to stop at 35.”

Shannon wasn’t about to let Skip, who never sniffed the gridiron, belittle his illustrious Hall of Fame career. In fact, “Uncle Shay Shay,” removed his glasses and let Skip know how he felt.

“That’s what you do. Every time I call something into question, I get it … I did what I did! You make it seem like I was a bum! I’m in the effin’ Hall of Fame. I got three Super Bowls!

“You’re willing to take a shot at me, to say he’s better than me, because I say he’s playing bad this year?”

In typical Skip fashion, he tried to defuse the situation after getting Sharpe riled up, basically making it look as if Sharpe was being a bully, when that’s the farthest from the truth.

Argument Looked Like Skip vs. Richard Sherman

That was the second time in the past few months that the two co-hosts went at it pretty emotionally on a topic. The previous time it was a verbal slugfest about Baker Mayfield and his putrid play. But with Skip if you ever talk down on Brady, the Dallas Cowboys, Oklahoma football or the San Antonio Spurs, he gets in his feelings.

When Skip was on ESPN’s “First Take” he got into a similar spat with former Seattle Seahawks legend Richard Sherman that turned ugly. It had a little bit of everything, but what most remember is Sherman telling Skip he’s “better at life than him.”

Immediately following the heated interaction, Skip once again played victim, saying this on his podcast, “The Skip Bayless Show”:

“I immediately felt ambushed, bushwhacked, set up, blindsided.”

How ironic. What Skip said Sherman did to him, he tried to do to Sharpe and it backfired.

Skip Bayless Was Wrong: Sharpe Doesn’t Envy Brady

For Skip to think someone with Sharpe’s credentials is jealous of Brady is proof that he’s not trying to debate football. Just stan for a fading legend. Sharpe is enshrined in Canton and has been a huge part of three teams that hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. While he may not be recognized as the greatest tight end of all time like Brady is considered the GOAT of signal-callers, Sharpe has some real accolades of his own.

And his assessment of Brady’s regression was spot-on, as the 45-year-old playing in his NFL-record 23rd season has looked more like his true age. Skip wants us to believe that he’s still an elite quarterback. Anyone who watches the games can see he not, but Skip is just too far gone on the Brady juice to say it, and the disconnect between him and anyone who doesn’t agree with him on TB12 is obvious. 

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