“That Is My Home. I Will Die To Protect The People In It.”| NFL Star Budda Baker Recounts Startling Altercation With Fan On His Property

Arizona Cardinals star safety Budda Baker has become a stalwart in the secondary for the Redbirds. His play has earned the former Washington Huskies player four Pro Bowl selections and two All-Pro selections already in his young NFL career.

But over the weekend his name ended up in the news for something potentially dangerous. Per reports, an overzealous fan intruded upon Baker’s property, startling his sister.

Following the incident Baker took to Twitter with this statement.

“My little sister was terrified today because a fan went into the gate of my house and walked down to my garage where was she was leaving. I never thought I would need to say this but PLEASE DO NOT enter my house wanting to greet me. That is my HOME.
“I will die to protect the people in it. If that was me, I would have drawn my weapon on you quick. I don’t know who you are pulling into my house. So once again, PLEASE do not come to my home thinking it is appropriate to ask to meet me. Thank you.”


Looks like a fan was trying to show a little too much appreciation for Baker. And at the wrong time.

Fans Take Things Too Far

From in-stadium heckling to Twitter fingers, fans are just too comfortable with what they say and how they act toward athletes. Baker isn’t the first athlete to have fans intrude on their property. It’s dangerous for all parties involved, but like Budda said in his tweet, it could have ended badly if he had been there and drawn his weapon.  

Being a pro athlete can be dangerous when an obsessive fan is involved. 

Back in 1996, former Jets, Cardinals and Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason talked about a fan sending him letters.

Esiason didn’t think much of it, but when the woman started sending letters to other members of his family, that’s when it became awkward. This was done on all three teams Esiason played for. 

In an interview with The New York Times Esiason said, “I didn’t feel like I was in any real danger, but it wasn’t something I felt I should take lightly.”

Thankfully, everything ended without incident and Baker’s family is safe. Sometimes fans try to show too much appreciation and at the wrong time. 

Baker Still In Recovery From Late Season Injury

Baker had a great regular season, earning his fourth Pro Bowl nod and second team All-Pro honors. Baker suffered a concussion in a playoff loss to the Rams and had to be carted off. He announced he was OK and everything on his X-rays came back clean.

“Thank you for all the well wishes, and prayers from everyone,” Baker tweeted. “I appreciate you guys. Everything came out clean. I am going to make a full recovery so definitely blessed. I am excited to get back out of this hospital and back to Arizona. I have not been able to shower, still stink and am just ready to get back home and and be with my family. Love you guys, appreciate all y’all love always.”

The talented safety is a cornerstone piece of the Cardinals defense and will be going for years to come. He didn’t directly threaten anyone with a gun like former Raiders player Damon Arnette, who threatened fans by flashing heat to a live audience in response to social media harassment.

But Baker made it very clear that he’s not playing around with these unpredictable fans either.

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