New Austin Bombing Renews Targeting Speculation And Heightens Fear

A fourth bomb has reportedly exploded Sunday night in a residential neighborhood in Austin, Tex., injuring two men. Authorities believe that the incident is connected to three previous explosions in the city.

The Associated Press on Twitter

BREAKING: Latest explosion in Austin, Texas, caused by tripwire and showed “different level of skill,” police chief says on “Good Morning America.

In addition to the series of explosions, an additional bomb threat was made but was reportedly led to an arrest and cancellation of The Roots show at South by Southwest.

The New York Times on Twitter

Austin was struck by a fourth explosion just hours after a televised appeal to the bomber

It is still unclear the reasons behind these threats, however, authorities reportedly are not ruling out racially motivated intentions due to the victims ethnicities. Texas officials have even offered $115,000 for more information on this string of explosions. 

Raw Story on Twitter

Texas police offering $115,000 reward for information after fourth mysterious bombing in Austin

We will continue to update you as more details unfold.

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