Taraji P. Henson To Star In Civil Rights Film “Best Of Enemies”

Recently it was announced that STXfilms had acquired the domestic distribution rights to “The Best of Enemies” from Astute Films, a civil rights film starring the great Taraji P. Henson.

The film also features actor Sam Rockwell, along with Babou Ceesay, Anne Heche, Wes Bentley, Bruce McGill, John Gallagher Jr and Nick Searcy.

Indeed, when the mainstream society is painting the picture of black liberation and struggle, some major details are often left out.  This appears to be the only logical summation as to why a story as moving as that of Ann Atwater has remained largely unknown to the general public.

She waged a personal battle against KKK leader C.P. Ellis for nearly a decade up until 1971.  That was when the dup decided upon co-chairing a two-week community meeting meant to deal with a court-ordered school desegregation.

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Growing up in the ’70s and ’80s, the decades that brought Star Wars to the big screen and “Battlestar Galactica” to prime time television, gave me a profound love for NASA and the United States space program.

Ceesay will play Bill Riddick, who persuaded Ellis and Atwater to lead the community summit in an attempt to try to leverage a compromise.
This will be the directorial debut for Robin Bissell, who previously executive produced “The Hunger Games” and “Sea Biscuit”.    

The film will draw upon “Best of Enemies: Race and Redemption in the New South” by Osha Gray Davidson.

Robin Bissell crafted a beautiful look at this unlikely friendship that arose from one of the most unsettling times in our countrys history, with Taraji P. Henson, Sam Rockwell, and the entire cast delivering riveting performances, said Adam Fogelson, chairman of STXfilms. STXfilms is proud to come on board for this important and entertaining film that will resonate and evoke dialogue about the timeless humanity that is at the heart of this powerful story.

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The year 2016 is historic for many reasons. Though we’ve sobbed at some of the unfortunate happenings, there was a lot to cheer about this year as well. Particularly in the cinema. Before we start this part off right, I have to tell you straight up that it is impossible to compile a “Best of Black Film” list that is comprehensive enough to be given such a name.

Not unlike Denzel Washington, Taraji P. Henson’s screen presence is such that she is often the single most moving factor in some of the offerings she appears in. But with the cast that being put together for this film, it would be a huge surprise if it wasn’t on point like Magic Johnson in 86. Looking forward to it!

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