Stupid, Thirsty For Fame Rapper Shoots Self for Music Video 

You ever wake up and decide you wanted to see the stupidest thing you ever witnessed in your life? Well, normally Facebook and Youtube are fertile hunting grounds for individuals looking for content to make them question humanity. However, this time around an underground rapper is taking one for the team, Team Dumbass.

Desperate for publicity and fame, rapper Kasper Tha Phanton aka Kasper Knight shot himself in the face for a music video and uploaded it to his Facebook page. In the video, he claims to be shooting it himself because no cameraman wanted to film this guy shooting himself in the face.

Although this was about as dumb as a sunbathing on a glacier in November, it appears to have gotten him the shine he so desperately and dangerously craved with nearly a million views. However, he took umbrage at WorldStarHipHop for refusing to post his deranged cry for help.

“World Star takes every opportunity to post the most vile shit from dark skinned African-Americans but let a white skinned half African motherf***er with military and law enforcement experience do something and they won’t post,” he wrote.

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