“When You Have One Of Those Boneheaded Players And The Coach Says, ‘Son, What Are You Thinking?’”| Steve Smith & Greg Anthony Clown Russell Westbrook’s Crazy Shot Selection

Steve Smith, Greg Anthony and the NBA TV crew have the utmost respect for L.A. Lakers star Russell Westbrook, but they couldn’t help but clown Russ about an odd offensive sequence during a 109-102 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, where Westbrook refused to pass the ball. 

Anthony started the conversation by giving Russ credit for the majority of his 19-point, 15-assist game. 

“He’s coming guys. He’s coming,” Anthony forewarned. 

Then Westbrook, who is notorious for his poor shot selection, did something that only Westbrook could do — or would be allowed to do — in a game.

Anthony was asked to “explain this play.”

Anthony: “All right he slipped. He tried to get his dribble back. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.”

Meanwhile Steve Smith is laughing hysterically and says,  “I love it. I love it.” 

Then Anthony goes in: “You know when you have one of those boneheaded players and the coach looks at you and says, ‘Son, what were you thinking? What were you thinking?” 

Smith added, “And he shot it.”

Both former NBA players were trying to figure out how Westbrook got in that position, why he kept trying to dribble instead of passing and why he took the shot after what is clearly a busted play and time to reset. 

“Maybe the shot clock was running down.” Smith reasoned. 

“I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt,” Anthony interjected. 

After Smith checked the replay, he burst into laughter again and said, “There were 16 seconds left on the shot clock.” 

Anthony chirped back, “I mean the defense wasn’t even expecting the shot.”

“Why would they?” 

“I know the veterans on this team is like, really?” Smith insisted. “ I’d have to ask him [Russ] if he was OK on that [shot].”  

“It’s all part of the Russell Westbrook Experience” 

Smith put on the stripes in his parting shot. 

“I woulda just blew the whistle. I couldn’t be a referee,” Smith said after watching Russ air dribble nine times. “That has to be a double dribble. I would have blown my whistle and said, ‘Violation!’”

The Lakers have bigger fish to fry than Westbrook’s ball-dominant circus act, but Smith and Anthony really got a kick out of Westbrook’s shenanigans, while maintaining their respect for him as a G in this game. 

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