Steve Kerr Speaks On The Act Of Domestic Terrorism In Las Vegas

We’ve all seen the horrific images from Las Vegas, thousands running for their lives as a terrorist fired an automatic weapon from across the street down at the country music loving crowd, killing almost 60 people and injuring hundreds more.

People have expressed sadness and anger, the latter aimed at politicians who continue to unapologetically support the NRA and refuse to have a discussion about gun control despite the continued mass shootings across the country.

Well the sports world wasn’t going to be silence on this issue, so Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr stepped up to the mic and gave his thoughts on the situation to The Athletic.

“I was watching CNN this morning while working out in the hotel and some of the victims families were speaking, getting interviewed, crying. Ive been there. I know exactly how they feel, having lost my dad to gun violence. You cant explain the pain that this brings.

So I hope we can do more than just offer victims our thoughts and prayers. Weve been offering victims thoughts and prayers for three decades. We need to offer them something else. And I know a lot of people have been saying dont politicize this, dont disrespect the victims by calling for gun control.

But Id argue that if wed had any respect for the victims, we would have done something 20 years ago, 30 years ago, when Columbine happened or Sandy Hook or Aurora. Name any one of these mass shootings that happens pretty much every week in our country. If we had any respect for our citizens we wouldve had discussions before. So, for people to say dont have that discussion now, now is not the time. When the hell is the time? Thats what I want to know.”

He continued to vent, referencing the pathetic lack of action after the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary. 

“[But] at some point, as a country, we have to be so disgusted and so vocal that our concerns can override the lack of concern, lack of compassion that exists in Congress. But when 20 5-year-olds can get mowed down in an elementary school and a couple months later Congress votes down the simplest of background check measures, it offers very little hope that they will actually show any concern for the citizens of our country.”

After this latest incident of domestic terrorism, which is what it really is, will the ignorant ones continue to say “stick to sports” or will humanity and basic common sense (especially in Washington) finally prevail?

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