Stephen A. Smith Versus Jason Whitlock | The Verbal Fisticuffs We Didn’t Know We Needed 

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith and the Blaze Media analyst Jason Whitlock are currently involved in verbal fisticuffs.

The dissension between the two well-known sports and media analysts stems from Whitlock calling Smith a liar for some of the things the outspoken “First Take” analyst said in his memoir, “Straight Shooter: A Memoir Of Second Chances and First Takes,” about his basketball career in high school and at Winston-Salem State University. 

Those claims by Whitlock have Smith so riled up that he took 40 minutes of his hit podcast, “The Stephen A. Smith Show,” to let Whitlock know about it.

In typical Smith fashion he told Whitlock where he could go and how he could get there. In the same breath, and in atypical fashion, Smith fired off expletives one after another. It was almost as if Smith became a bit unhinged for a moment, as he retaliated.

Stephen A. Smith became Stephen A. Riff and the Hollis, Queens, in him came flowing out. Corner boy Stephen lost the corporate flair that helped him elevate to the top of the sports media game, and he stayed in the mud for the entire podcast.  

Smith Swears Heavily

“I mean it from my soul when I say this is the worse human being I’ve ever known,” Smith said. “I don’t know of another human being worse than Jason Whitlock. He is a piece of s—t. He’s the dude that’s gonna have a funeral and ain’t going to be no pallbearers.”  

Jason Whitlock Says Stephen A. Smith Lies About His Past and Is An Industry Plant

Smith’s fiery response to Whitlock also stems from him referring to Smith as an industry plant. Sort of in the way comedian Katt Williams took a shot at fellow comedian Kevin Hart during his recent appearance on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast with Pro Football Hall of Famer and “First Take” co-host Shannon Sharpe. 

This is nothing new for Whitlock, whose controversial takes usually end up with him being cursed out by the culprit he spoke negatively of. It’s long been his MO, and in many ways how he stays relevant. 

Smith Says Forget The High Road

Smith wasn’t done as he continued to call Whitlock anything that came to mind from “fat bastard.” Not done, Smith then called out Whitlock for being something he’s long been accused of, which is being an “Uncle Tom.”

“You see what he does is, he’s the one that puts himself in front of white folks. The white folks, not all white folks, not most white folks, but the white folks that, dare we say, may have a problem with black folks,” Smith said.

Strong words from Smith, who isn’t known for speaking in this manner. But, in this instance he seems ready to go blow for blow against Whitlock. Based on the vitriol spewed thus far, it looks like verbal spat or fisticuffs is just beginning. 

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