Stephen A. Smith Addresses The Rumors On Whether Shannon Sharpe Is Coming To “First Take”

Stephen A. Smith has heard the noise around Shannon Sharpe’s departure from the sports debate show “Undisputed” and wants to clear the air on whether Uncle Shay Shay is coming across the street to “First Take.”

With the internet buzzing stating that Shannon is definitely coming to the show, Stephen A. felt the need to weigh in and set the record straight.

Uncle Shay To First Take?

“Those reports have Shannon Sharpe coming to ‘First Take.’ I have a smile on my face,” Smith began. “It’s a beautiful smile on my face because we all know it’s something that I want. It’s something that I’ve declared because I respect Shannon; I like him. I think he would be a tremendous asset to the show. You know what time it is, its been on for 12 years, don’t act like you don’t know.

“My point is it would be great to have him. Here’s the issue: We don’t. Sorry, Andrew Marchand of The New York Post, it’s a bit premature. Shannon Sharpe has yet to sign on the dotted line to be a member of ‘First Take.’ It has not happened yet. I’m still confident it will happen. I still believe it will happen.

“I think it needs to happen. I still believe it will happen. I think it needs to happen, and I have no doubt that I’m going to exhaust any means that I have available to me to make it happen.”

Why Did He Leave?

After much speculation, Shannon Sharpe left “Undisputed” and his polarizing co-host Skip Bayless back in June after the 2023 NBA Finals. Sharpe agreed to a contract buyout from Fox Sports after reports that his relationship was getting more contentious with Bayless. The tension was on full display after Bayless launched an insensitive tweet after Buffalo Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field in a Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals game.

His colleagues at the network at the time were shocked that Sharpe left the very popular platform.

“I’m stunned by this news of Shannon Sharpe leaving ‘Undisputed,’ I think it’s a huge loss for FS1,” Chris Broussard said on Fox Sports Radio’s “The Odd Couple” in early June. “I thought that he and Skip Bayless had at least gotten to a point where they could coexist, but apparently not.”

“He’ll have plenty of suitors, because he’s made a brand for himself,” co-host Rob Parker added. “There’ll be a show for him.”

Once the news broke, many speculated that Sharpe might go to “First Take” and rival sports network ESPN. Stephen A. Smith immediately welcomed Sharpe with open arms.

“I don’t know what Shannon Sharpe’s plans are right now,” Smith said on his eponymous show in early June. “But if that included him coming on ‘First Take,’ the bosses at ESPN know that is something I would support.”

All that’s left is for Uncle Shay to sign the dotted line so we know its real.

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