Steph Curry Will Resurrect The Splash In Game 2

Steph Curry is expected to return for Game 2 of the Western Conference against the New Orleans Pelicans on Tuesday and despite Golden States success in his absence, his arrival comes at the perfect time because the Warriors have other All-Stars who can step up and TRY to fill the void, but eventuallythe absence of the game’s greatest shooterand a two-time MVP and NBA champion will be felt. 

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I fully expect him to play Tuesday night,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said about Stephen Curry.

Golden State has unsurprisingly lacked the long range consistency that Steph brings to the game. It’s harder for them to execute their bread and butter bombing without Steph. Klay has his days and Durant is deadly off the dribble but the Warriors rank 13th out of the 16 playoff teams in 3-point percentage and 11th in 3-point makes per contest without Steph. Curry ranked first in makes (4.2 per game) and 13th in accuracy during the regular season and in the playoffs hes known to deliver a dagger or two. 

Curry has not played since March 23 due to a sprained left knee, but the Warriors still skipped to a 4-1 first-round series win over a mentally depleted Spurs squad without Kawhi Leonard. In Game 1 against New Orleans, the Warriors scored a ridiculous 76 first half points and blew Anthony Davis and Co. out by 22 points. There will be better games in this series, but with Curry now coming back and Golden State holding home court advantage, the Warriors are back on course to meet and defeat Houston in the Conference Finals again. 

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When the @PelicansNBA realize 2-time MVP Steph Curry is expected back for game two.

A gamer such as Steph says he feels great and hes ready to rock and throw caution to the wind, but the Warriors need to treat Curry delicately, the same way Philly does Joel Embiid, because both teams ultimate mission of winning an NBA championship this season depends on the health of their most important players. 

Kerr,  general manager Bob Myers and athletic trainer Chelsea Lane met with Curry and made a decision to keep him out of Game 1. 

”We have to protect him from himself and his own competitive desire,” Kerr said.

Which is a scary thought if you are New Orleans or Houston.  

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What you mean Steph Curry might be back for the 2nd round?

We are getting into the pit of playoff passion, where past champions know how to harbor that “extra” needed to overcome in playoff season. Some of the more unseasoned playoff teams haven’t figured out how to channel their regular season magnificence and bring it when it really matters. 

Chef Curry does that regardless and now that he missed out on the early playoff feasting, he is eager to get back into the mix and with the announcement of his return, the Houston Rockets who are up 1-0 on Utah wont admit but they  are inevitably feeling a bit more uncomfortable and less confident about rising out of the Western Conference to compete for an NBA title with the knowledge that a fully recovered Steph is being added to the mix.  

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