Steph Curry Keeps Tossing Daggers, Breaking Records & Crushing False Narratives



Steph Curry deserves the MVP and all the love that the media and fair-weathered fans deprived him of, as he nursed an injury, dealt with the decimation of his former dynasty and watched the emotions of COVID and the NBA Bubble elevate a host of other players above the two-time MVP and three-time World Champion. 



It’s almost like, what does a brother have to do to get some respect? 

Well this year, Curry decided not to wait for anyone to give him anything. A healthy Chef just took it. He ate food to the tune of 31.3 ppg, which currently puts him in a slight lead over Bradley Beal (31.1 ppg) for the NBA scoring title. If Curry wins the scoring title he will be the oldest winner since Michael Jordan. 

LeBron demanded his damn respect when he was a walking triple-double, doing work on the court, fighting social justice, and also funding various educational initiatives across the country in 2020. 

After this season ends — no matter how it ends — the NBA community should be lining up to apologize to Curry — and give that man his damn respect. 

Off the court, he certainly does his share of community engagement. He and his wife Ayesha provided meals and support during the pandemic for Oakland families in need. He’s also been very vocal when it comes to social justice and player empowerment. His interview with Barrack Obama was classic. 



With Lebron James’ ankle still on the mend. rendering him unable to captivate fans with his ageless play, Curry has grabbed the limelight again and is making the most of it. 

Curry made his 83rd 3-pointer in April during the first half of Sunday’s game against the Kings at Chase Center, setting an NBA record for the most in a calendar month.



James Harden set the previous record with 82 made 3-pointers in November 2019. 

Curry has almost singlehandedly dragged an average Golden State team above the .500 mark. Two months ago, everyone thought Golden State was lottery-bound and Steph was being criticized for not elevating his teammates. 

Fast forward to April 26, 2021, and all that nonsense has ceased. That’s what the icons do. It’s what separates them from everyone else. When the chips are down and their value is questioned they do something inconceivable. Something historical, to smack all of these crap-talkers back to reality. It’s called Curry dispensing a little bit of act-right. 

Curry still dominates and like my man Ice Cube did Black In The Day, Chef “Kills At Will.” 

The 33-year-old’s latest record is a fitting honor for what has been, so far, the best month of his career. Curry entered Sunday averaging 39.5 points per game in April, having scored 30-plus in all but one of his 12 games. He had more 30-point games in a single month than any Warrior not named Wilt Chamberlain.



Speaking of Wilt, Curry already has surpassed “The Big Dipper” as the franchise’s all-time leading scorer this month.

This guy’s career is undoubtedly one of the best in NBA history. Some old school purists still can’t accept how profoundly this 6-foot-3, underrated, and overlooked guard from Davidson, could elevate his game to the level of benign a total game-changer. His profound impact on the game and the accolades he’s accrued out him in the same stratosphere with Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, LeBron James, Isiah Thomas and the like. 

To top it off, after having the highest-selling jersey in the NBA from 2016-2018, once LeBron joined the Lakers and Golden State stopped winning titles, The King regained his top spot in jersey sales. 

Steph has dropped on the list the last two seasons. He’s now back up to fourth-highest selling Jersey behind Bron (who finally regained the top spot), Luka, and KD. 

All we can do is enjoy history and give this man his roses because he never makes excuses. He just gets busy and whatever hand he’s dealt he makes it work. He’s the same guy playing with two Hall of Famers or two wings and a biscuit from the local chicken spot.

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