Steph Curry Ain’t Sweating Lavar Ball’s Statements

Steph Curry understands how it is to have the unwavering support of his Dad as a young baller navigating through his basketball journey. And with Golden State having enough trouble trying to defeat tough teams with the injured Kevin Durant on the mend, Curry decided to take the high road in his response to UCLA freshman Lonzo Ball’s father, LaVar, who recently said his son was better than the reigning two-time league MVP.

Hes better than Steph Curry to me, LaVar said. Put Steph Curry on UCLAs team right now, and put my boy on Golden State and watch what happens.

Reporters asked Steph about those comments after the Warriors’ shootaround Wednesday, prior to Curry and Golden State getting thrashed by the Celtics 99-86.

I dont want to talk about that,” said Curry. “I wish his kids the best. I know theyre going to be great NBA players. Thats their job. Thats it.

He also added that parent’s have the choice to raise their how they choose. 

LaVar Ball has been loose with his lips and wearing his arrogance and confidence in his sons on his shoulder. Hes guaranteed a UCLA Bruins NCAA chip this season. He predicts that Lonzo will have an easier time in the NBA than with the Bruins, and already insisted that all three of his boys will be one-and-done’s.

While LaVar is focused on building an empire, Steph Curry is focused on avenging last seasons NBA finals loss which is where his mind should be at this point. No need to give anybody any more free PR.

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