Step Your Game Up, Rookie: 94Fifty Smart Basketball

Weak on the pick-up team? There's an app for that.

The new 94Fifty smart basketball can correct flaws in your game. Here is the info.

Everyday street basketball players (and would-be pros) don't have many tools to quantify their progress. InfoMotion Sports thinks they're owed more than just a pat on the back, so it's bringing its 94Fifty smart basketball to everyday hoop fans. Like the existing model for teams, sensors inside the amateur basketball detect the forces involved in a dribble or shot, relaying details such as the throw angle or power through Bluetooth; Android and iOS apps will be available out of the gate. The stats are for more than just bragging rights, too. InfoMotion's custom software centers on training sessions and competitions, including challenges from seasoned veterans. No matter how hard they play, owners will just have to rest the ball on a Qi wireless charging pad at the end of a session. InfoMotion Sports' $295 asking price will be steep when the 94Fifty arrives in the summer — but it may be one of the better options for amateurs who want to improve the finer points of their game without donning a uniform.

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