Steelers Nation: Stop Blaming Tomlin For Another Grown Man’s Decision

Those people arguing for the firing of Mike Tomlin because the Steelers dont win the Super Bowl every year or cant beat the Patriots in big spots are insane. The guys proved his coaching prowess by making the playoffs in 8 of his 11 years as a coach and going to two Super Bowls, winning one. 

Those who feel like the veteran coach should be fired because he has lost the team or contributed in some way to an attitude that has star players running around straight wildin’ should be careful what they ask for.  

First Take on Twitter

@stephenasmith expresses his thoughts on the dysfunction in Pittsburgh and how it reflects on Mike Tomlin.

The Steelers have been dealing with a lot more than just football over the last few seasons and that extracurricular strain, unfortunately, can be attributed to there two best players;  Antonio Brown and  LeVeon Bell, who they have removed from their official roster.

Bell is still M.I.A. and was on the scene partying in South Beach in the aftermath of the Steelers’ tough loss to Kansas City on Sunday. Brown, who has had his share of social media mishaps doesnt seem to care that the team is sinking into a bad place dealing with the repercussions of Bells holdout and a 0-1-1 record that has them looking up at everyone in the division, including Cleveland. 

Brown’s an elite player, but the ultimate diva. He has a tendency to forget that football is a team game. Its not like he didnt get paid, hes among the highest in history at his position. Its not like he doesnt get respect and props, most football fans consider him the league’s premier receiver and hes targeted at a high rate by QB Ben Roethlisberger. 

In fact, Brown finished Sunday with 17 targets on Roethlisberger throws tied for the seventh-most of 116 career games. He had nine catches, second-most on the team. Last week he Twitter-threatened ESPN reporter Jesse Washington and he’s still doing whatever his heart desires. 

While Tomlin struggles to balance discipline and friendship with his elite players, Bell and Brown have both made life hard for him. Looking to place the blame of losing on someone, the fans choose to put the selfish immaturity and financial differences of grown men on Tomlin’s shoulders, which is unfair, but par for the course. Power starts at the top and if the situation appears too chaotic for a Steelers front office that has had just three head coaches in its history, then they might feel a change needs to be made. 

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Other than Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin’s resume matches up to any other coach in the league and that couldn’t happen if he doesn’t have a level of control in the locker room.” – @getnickwright

It would be a tragic loss to the game as Tomlin is still one of the bright coaching stars with a track record of rare success. He should at least get the same 15 years that Bill Cowher got.  

I’m looking forward to visiting with (Brown) today and discussing that and other things,” Tomlin said on Wednesday. ” I understand sometimes you got some negativity. We lost the football game and there was some negative exchanges on the sidelines… social media…Educate our team at this point in the journey…hopefully, its the last time Ill have to address that.

The loss to Kansas City on Sunday was tough. It was a heated battle and I’m sure the offensive coordinator didn’t need Brown yelling at him during the second half of the home loss. 

He was on his Keyshawn Johnson, Throw Me The Damn Ball.

Then after the game ended, Brown dressed and left the Steelers locker room before the media entered it. He was the only player who played in the game who left so quickly. At least Brown didnt throw a Gatorade cooler on the sidelines as he did in a win against Baltimore last season when Brown only finished with four catches for 34 yards.

Hes just not buying into the team concept and Tomlin is catching smoke for it. 

Bryan Taylor on Twitter

@Track_King21 @MikeHoranski @colin_dunlap @AB84 @LeVeonBell The cry baby Twitter rants, the sideline antics, the lack of respect shown to the team, the lack of professionalism and on and on. Both are great football players, arguably the best at their positions, but they are hurting this team and they are not real likable.

“It’s a circus there,” one NFC South assistant coach told B/R, “and Mike has no control over it.

“He’s one of the best coaches of my generation, but the players have too much control there.”

Making matters worse, Brown returned to work Wednesday, after not showing up Monday for scheduled film review and team meetings, which is like telling your coach to go screw himself. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said he spoke to Brown a little bit, but he said the All-Pro wide receiver did not address teammates about his absence.

Browns agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said Tuesday that Brown did not report Monday because of a personal matter.

When Brown was taken to task by someone on Twitter for missing practice, his response was as blunt as his offense. 

Antonio Brown on Twitter

Trade me let’s find out

With the two most important pieces of his offense totally exhibiting me-first behavior and the team underperforming, Tomlin is under fire from Steelers fans, analysts and unrealistic football enthusiasts. Hes also caught in a racial optic that adds strain to the situation. 

As an African-American head coach overseeing Black players, any string of losses or apparent lack of discipline and leadership is directed at the Black coach who gets accused of not being as much of a disciplinarian as he should be. Marvin Lewis suffered the same criticism throughout his tenure and burdened the blame for players. Jim Caldwell and Lovie Smith too.   

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The #Steelers haven’t won a game Le’Veon Bell is holding out on a jet-ski Antonio Brown was a no-call no-show for work on Monday

Steelers fans are thirsty for a Super Bowl. For an organization that has always stressed unity and selflessness in commitment to the task and team goals, this isn’t sitting well with Steelers Nation. On the other hand, bringing in another coach to manage superstar players because Tomlins not cracking the whip and ignoring the Steelers HC’s 116-61 career record isn’t the answer either.  

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