Sony And R. Kelly Part Ways Following The Lifetime Documentary

Lifetime’s documentary is getting him the heck out of here.

Sony and R. Kelly have agreed to part ways on the heels of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly documentary.

The six-part doc detailed allegations of sexual misconduct with minors against the notable R&B singer. Billboard reports that Sony reps and R. Kelly did not immediately respond with comments but his name has been removed from RCA’s website.

Allegations and claims against the Pied Piper have been occurring throughout the past two decades. But, the Lifetime series revamped and gave extra life to the on-going #MuteRKelly protests.

Last May, Spotify’s latest hateful conduct police removed all of R. Kelly’s music from their main playlists. And even though the company reversed the decision and he has never been convicted of a crime, cancel culture is really trying to get him out of here.

Gerrick D. Kennedy on Twitter

Confirmed @rkelly was indeed dropped by Sony/RCA


The heat has picked up heavily because of the documentary. People recently gathered outside Sony’s building in Manhattan requesting the label to drop him. And artists such as Lady Gaga, Chance the Rapper and more have apologized for previous collaborations with R. Kelly.

Will this be the final straw for R. Kelly and will the culture really get him out of here?

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