“Somebody Get Me In Contact With The Young Lady. That’s Unacceptable” | Miles Bridges Owns Up To Losing His Cool After Getting Tossed From Play-In Game

Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges was ejected from Wednesday night’s play-in tournament game against the Atlanta Hawks. On his way back to the locker room a Hawks fan said something Bridges objected to and he hurled his mouthpiece, which struck a 16-year-old fan. Bridges was apologetic after the game calling his actions, “unacceptable.”

“I was aiming for the guy that was screaming at me and it hit a little girl,” Bridges said. “So that’s definitely unacceptable on my part and I take full responsibility. … That’s out of character for me. You’ve been around me; I don’t act like that or ever flash out like that. So that was definitely wrong, a lot of emotions, and hopefully I can get in contact with the young girl and sincerely apologize to her and do something nice for her, but that’s definitely on me.”
“Somebody get me in contact with the young lady. That’s unacceptable,” he later tweeted.

Emotions run high in sports. Bridges was kicked out of an elimination game his team was performing poorly in, and whatever the fan said set him off. That’s not an excuse. Just a statement of fact.

The Hawks were up big after a dominant third quarter run and Bridges was called for goaltending midway through the fourth. Frustrated with the call and his team’s season ending, he went after official James Williams, who gave him two quick technicals.

The frustration is understandable, but he’s a professional. You’ve got to handle yourself better in those moments. You get tossed, so some of your emotions have been let go. Head quickly back to the locker room to cool down and wait for your teammates.

Allowing opposing fans to cause you to react in that way is never a good look.

Credit though to Bridges for not ducking accountability after and owning up to losing his cool.

“I was upset about a call, a couple of calls really,” he said. “I let my temper get the best of me. It was definitely the wrong thing to do.”

Wednesday night’s 132-103 loss was a disappointing end to the Hornets’ season, and now they turn their attention to figuring out how they can improve.

Offensively with LaMelo Ball and Bridges the team is in a good spot. Those are very good young foundational pieces to build with. The Hornets don’t have cap space because of the $30 million they owe Gordon Hayward next season, a signing that hasn’t worked out.

They have draft capital and other contracts they could potentially move. They need to focus on getting high-IQ players that are ball movers, passers, and good shooters, that can also play high-level defense.

The Hornets were sixth in aORTG this year, but 23rd in aDRTG.

Bridges is 24 and was extension-eligible last offseason, but he rejected a Hornets offer that would have paid him $60 million over four years. He expanded his game and became an impact player offensively. Those improvements will make him a very rich man.

He is a restricted free agent this summer, and he will get offered the bag. Look for something in the neighborhood of four years and $120 million.

Betting on yourself and having it pay off is sweet.

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