So They’re Throwing Food At People Now?

When I hear about an incident like this, the first thing that comes to mind is, what does the average Conservative/GOP supporter want from the average black person in America.  When I say average I don’t mean a staunch Democrat, I mean someone who follows politics slightly but is in no way a party-liner. They vote Democratic because they agree with many of the policy choices, but also because the Republicans always seem so insane and thuggish. Nobody can pretend this is a one-time thing from some crazy extremist. This is imbedded in the GOP, it’s in the DNA and its outrageous. The fact that this happened at the GOP National Convention, to a CNN camera operator, who, by all accounts, was just doing her job, makes it worse. I haven’t heard anything about a prior incident that could have sparked retaliation. This just seems to be a random moment in which two white men decided to throw peanuts at a black woman. This just isn't good enough. 

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